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Licence Information

The Village Hall has a Premises Licence authorising the following regulated entertainment and licensable activities at the times indicated.  When the Hall is booked, hirers must confirm whether licensable activities are to take place at their event.

The table below shows the activities that the Hall is licenced for.

Activity The hall is
licensed for
Times for which the activity is licensed
a. The performance of plays No Not applicable
b. The showing of films No Not applicable
c. Indoor sporting events No Not applicable
d. Boxing or wrestling entertainment No Not applicable
e. The performance of live music Yes Mon to Sat, Noon to Midnight
f. The playing of recorded music Yes Mon to Sat, Noon to Midnight
g. The performance of dance Yes Mon to Sat, Noon to Midnight
h. Entertainment similar to those
    in e, f or g
Yes Mon to Sat, Noon to Midnight
i. Making music Yes Mon to Sat, Noon to Midnight
j. Dancing Yes Mon to Sat, Noon to Midnight
k. Entertainment similar to those in i or j Yes Mon to Sat, Noon to Midnight
m. The sale of alcohol Yes Mon to Sat, Noon to 11:30 pm
Sunday, Noon to 11:30 pm

If alcohol is to be available, on sale, at your event, you will need to arrange for a bar to be provided by, or arranged through, the Village Hall’s Designated Premises Supervisor – Glen Miller.  He is located at The Stag public house on Duck Street, Little Easton.

In order to hold a licensable activity not covered by the Village Hall’s Premises Licence, a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) will need to be given to the licensing authority.  The hirer must obtain the written consent of the management committee on the TEN Application Consent form provided for this purpose before giving the licensing authority a TEN.  Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the hiring without compensation as there is a limit on the number of TENs which can be granted annually for any premises.

The hirer must agree not to exceed the maximum permitted number of people allowed in the hall.  For a standing only event, this is 150 including all organisers/performers.  With tables and chairs, capacity is only available for a maximum of 120 persons.

The hirer (or authorised representative, if appropriate) must be present througout the hiring in order to ensure that the Hire Agreement is fully complied with.

For further information concerning the licence, please contact the Bookings Officer
Mrs Jenny Green on: 01371 870402